Warframe/Marvel Heroes Server Emulator

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    Warframe/Marvel Heroes Server Emulator

    Warframe/Marvel Heroes Server Emulator
    Hello, I am trying to find a Marvel Heroes (or Warframe, since they are apparently hosted on the same site) server Emulator. I know one exists since it was mentioned on a Wordpress blog from 2013 and the guy that made said blog said the Marvel one was "on the same site as the Warframe emulator" and you had to be vetted to join so that Gazillion members would not find it (since a member of the dev team was working on it). The blog in question was https://warframedigitalextremes.word...lion-emulator/ and apparently the creator of the blog worked on a Mass Effect 3 MP mod, so I know he ain't a scammer.

    If anyone can find this or tell me what happened to it, please do so.

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    Re: Warframe/Marvel Heroes Server Emulator

    I tried deep diving into this lead. It didn't lead anywhere positive for me. Playing the new Marvel's Avengers made me want Marvel Heroes again. Nothing terribly wrong with the game, but it really made me appreciate what Marvel Heroes offered and I'm afraid we'll never see anything like it again. You're more than welcome to view a rough view of the work I've put into finding something here https://discord.gg/PbS6xbS