Working RoMeo version

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    Working RoMeo version

    Working RoMeo version

    With the current version of Runes of Magic RoMeo does not work anymore as well as R5 hacks, anyone has updated version and would like to share with me? Private Message or something. Thanks

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    Re: Working RoMeo version

    Since no one bothers answering here... The multihack has been mostly abandoned for a few years now. On the old 6.0.7 server I did manage to make an old version work when I stumbled across it during a search online. But ROMeo himself doesn't appear to be active anymore, so it's likely that there won't be an updated version for the latest official release of the game.

    Runes is a widely abandoned game and has been for years now. It's just a matter of time before GF decides to close it down. Kinda sad but the way the game's upgrading system was designed coupled with the high rate of critical errors on the client, it's just not attractive for people anymore.

    Edit: There's a MicroMacro script from Rock5 on SolarStrike. That forum seems to be worth checking out.
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