Runes of Magic Section Rules | 29.01.2015

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    Runes of Magic Section Rules | 29.01.2015

    Runes of Magic Section Rules | 29.01.2015
    Runes of Magic Section Guidelines

    The official RaGEZONE forum rules also apply to this section.

    These rules may change without prior notification.


    Please post in the correct section

    Used for help and/or request threads

    • Development Section:
      Used to gather feedback of your current development progress. Only post items you intend to release later.

    Buying and selling server files is against the RaGEZONE rules
    (Any other transaction must be posted in the merchant zone)

    Server Advertisements do not belong in this section.

    Methods of Advertising Your Server

    Free Advertising:
    • Post in the Private Servers section.
      Make sure you read the section rules there before posting.

    Paid Advertising:

    Creating Threads:

    • Your thread title should describe your thread as best as you can in a few words. Titles such as: "help please", or "don't work" will be DELETED or EDITED as needed.
    • Always begin your thread title with the appropriate prefix: [Help], [Request], [Release], [Development] or [Guide].

    If your thread was deleted, it was because your thread didn't follow the forum rules. PLEASE do not create the same thread again. If there is any confusion, or if you’re unsure why your thread was deleted, please contact a Runes of Magic section moderator.

    Do not bump old threads. Bumping occurs when you post in thread that has been inactive for a long period of time. This causes problems because the post that is being bumped might be totally out-of-date or irrelevant, this can lead to spam and confusion. To prevent this always check the last posted date before replying to a thread.
    If an old topic is still relevant (A re-upload of a file for example) then make a new thread, with a link to the original thread. Make sure you give credit to the original owner if known.

    Use the Like Button:
    Instead of spamming things like “Thank you” be sure to use the like button. Make sure your posts say more than just thank you if you provide feedback.

    Reporting Posts:
    If you believe a thread/post is spam/flaming/breaking the rules then report the post (or first post in the case of a thread). Do not post that the thread was reported.

    A moderator will review your report and address the reported items appropriately, not all reports require moderator action.


    Posting New Threads:

    Before posting in the help section:
    Make sure you have looked through the tutorial section and help section and tried to find an answer to your issue.

    • Use the forum search if you can’t find what you need by browsing.
    • Use a Google search to try to find an answer. You can use Google to search Ragezone by typing in your Google search.

      Example: "help with server files"

    People can’t help you if they don’t know what is wrong.

    • Make sure your thread title gives users an idea about your problem. Again “help please”, “I can’t do it”, and “It doesn't work” is not useful, and you can be infracted/warned plus your post may be deleted.
    • Make sure your thread describes your problem as much as you can. Provide any applicable screenshots. Describe what you did to arrive at your problem, and what you may have done to solve it.

    Replying to Threads:
    Do not spam help threads with replies that aren’t helpful such as: “Use the search”, or “google it”. You can be warned/infracted for this, and your post will be removed.

    Do not post rude or sarcastic comments in help threads. If the thread is spam just report it.

    Keep in mind that you were new to the section once too.


    1. The release of malicious software (viruses, malware, etc) will result in a 90 day ban.
    2. Please include the appropriate credits when making a release.

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