Alliance MU | Season 16 | 500x | 50RR Max | Premium Anti-Cheat

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    Alliance MU | Season 16 | 500x | 50RR Max | Premium Anti-Cheat

    Alliance MU | Season 16 | 500x | 50RR Max | Premium Anti-Cheat

    Server Info:
    Version: Season 16
    Exp Regular/Master/Majestic: 500x
    Resets: 50 Max , Reset from website to avoid macro users
    Points Per Reset: 100
    Resets Reward: 20 WCoins & 1500 Ruud
    Grand Resets: 5 Max
    Points Per Grand Reset: 2000
    Grand Reset Rewards: 2500 WCoins & 75000 Ruud
    Total Stats: 15.000 RR/GR + Base Stats
    Server Location: OVH USA

    Grand Opening 23/01/2021

    Opening Time:
    [UTC +0 14.00 - Europe]
    [UTC +8, 22.00 - Asia]
    [UTC -3, 11.00 - South America]
    Or check our count-back timer on top of website!

    Season 16 New Features:
    Knight class renewal
    Party System renewal
    New Mastery Talismans
    Third mastery Earrings
    Excellent Socket Necklaces
    Renewed Gremory Case System
    Renewed Personal Store System
    Temple of Arnil map and monsters
    Red Smoke Icarus map and monsters
    Sixth and Seventh Mastery Grade items
    General UI improvements of game client
    New character class Gun Crusher, items, skills, wings
    New guardian mount types, Ice Dragon and Ice Dragon Rare

    Exclusive Features:
    Ice Wind Valley!
    Custom Invasions!
    New Moss Gambler!
    3D Camera System!
    Fully Balanced PvP!
    PVP Kills Notifications!
    Bosses Kill/Respawn Notifications!
    Anti-Cheat System (PS GameGuard)
    Optimized Game Client! (Better Frame Rate)

    1st Lucky Gear + Weapons + Small Wings
    All Skills in Shops (Except Ruud Skills)

    Website Link