DymoMu Season 16 | x40 | No Rebirth | Opening 12-03-2021

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    cool DymoMu Season 16 | x40 | No Rebirth | Opening 12-03-2021

    DymoMu Season 16 | x40 | No Rebirth | Opening 12-03-2021
    DYMO MU - OPENING 12-3-21
    Welcome to our Mu

    Server Location : Europe - All are welcome
    Dymo mu is due to launch on 12-3-21 this Friday at (13:00GMT+1) there has been alot of work envolved in creating the right environment in mu with custom drops and spots. There are alot of benefits from Start you will receive EXP boost with Buff scrolls for 5 days to enjoy for free! There are plenty of drops going on for the start "Box Of Luck - Box Of Heaven - Medals - GOLD & SILVER boxes opened with Keys which you can get from Medals there are some great drops out there. You will be rewarded by killing boss monsters and participating in game events WCoin - Ruud , you name it.

    Pre-Register your account so you are ready for Launch!

    Alittle about Dymo Mu - Come and join us and see for your self !
    Server Info:
    Version: Season 16
    Type: No Reset
    EXP Normal/Master/Majestic: 40x (Currently No VIP)
    Drop: 30%
    Offlevel: On
    Monster Spots: 5 Mobs per spot
    Boss Respawn Time: Will be added on website

    Exclusive Features:
    Ice Wind Valley - Will release in couple of weeks after launch

    Custom VIP - Castle - Ice Wind Valley ranks - Will release with Ice Wind Update
    New Moss Gambler - Great Rewards
    Fully Balanced PvP!
    Real Play2Win Server!
    PVP Kills Notifications is ON
    Bosses Kill/Respawn Notifications is ON
    Premium Anti-Cheat System!
    Website Market System - Will be introduced later in game.

    Silver & Gold Medals -Ruud, Jewels and items +3-+12 max

    Silver & Gold Sealed boxes - epic exc items jewels and bundles.

    Event boxes -ruud random items and jewels

    Join and find out your self!

    Season 16 New Features:
    Knight class renewal
    Party System renewal
    New Mastery Talismans
    Third mastery Earrings
    Excellent Socket Necklaces
    Renewed Gremory Case System
    Renewed Personal Store System
    Temple of Arnil map and monsters
    Red Smoke Icarus map and monsters
    Sixth and Seventh Mastery Grade items
    General UI improvements of game client
    New character class Gun Crusher, items, skills, wings
    New guardian mount types, Ice Dragon and Ice Dragon Rare

    Starting Gear ( Lucky Set) /Weapons/Mini Wings
    5 Days Buffs
    5 Days EXP Boost

    Facebook TAG event:
    WIN 500 WCoins!
    LIKE page, SHARE this post, TAG 5 friends and write your login (ID) in comment
    Facebook Post Link: Click Here!

    Useful Links:
    Website : Click Here!
    Discord: Click Here!
    Facebook: Click Here!
    Drop List: Check Later!