I need cashshop help

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    talk I need cashshop help

    Adding Items and Item Tables
    I've added these code, but it does not work.

    ALTER TABLE [C9Service].[Server].[TblShopProductDetailInfo] NOCHECK CONSTRAINT ALL

    INSERT [C9Service].[Server].[TblShopProductInfo] ([cBranchId], [cProductId], [cProductName], [cMoneyCode], [cPrice], [cDiscountRate], [cRegDate], [cStartDate], [cEndDate], [cProductDesc], [cGiftYN], [cSellTotalCount], [cDuplicateSell], [cUnitName], [cProductType], [cDispOrder], [cDiscountInfo], [cClassName], [cClassKey], [cRefundYN], [cPageNum], [cRecommend], [cLevelMin], [cLevelMax]) VALUES (N'shop03_tap07', N'K_C9_00014563', N'Karas Hunter Set', N'GP_P_COIN', 680,10, N'2.01111e+013', N'2.01111e+013', N'2.01111e+013', N'Karas', 1, 0, 1, N'5个', N'NEW,R', 3, 'NULL', N'猎人', 3, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0)INSERT [C9Service].[Server].[TblShopProductDetailInfo] ([cChildProductId], [cProductId], [cPrice], [cUnitName], [cValidTerm], [cPossibleLevel], [cUseCount], [cPeriod], [cCoinPrice], [cGameMoneyPrice], [cClassName]) VALUES (N'K_C9_00014563', N'K_C9_00014563', 680, N'Unlimited', 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, N'Hunter')ALTER TABLE [C9Service].[Server].[TblShopProductDetailInfo] CHECK CONSTRAINT ALL



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    Re: I need cashshop help

    INSERT INTO [C9Service].[Server].[TblShopProductInfo] ([cBranchId], [cProductId], [cProductName], [cMoneyCode], [cPrice], [cDiscountRate], [cRegDate], [cStartDate], [cEndDate], [cProductDesc], [cGiftYN], [cSellTotalCount], [cDuplicateSell], [cUnitName], [cProductType], [cDispOrder], [cDiscountInfo], [cClassName], [cClassKey], [cRefundYN], [cPageNum], [cRecommend], [cLevelMin], [cLevelMax]) VALUES (N'shop03_tap07', N'K_C9_00014563', N'Karas Hunter Set', N'CHN_WB_COIN', N'680', N'10', N'2.01111e+013', N'2.01111e+013', N'2.01111e+013', N'Karas', N'1', N'0', N'1', N'5', N'NEW,R', N'3', 'NULL', N'Hunter', N'3', N'1', N'1', N'1', N'0', N'0');INSERT INTO [C9Service].[Server].[TblShopProductDetailInfo] ([cChildProductId], [cProductId], [cPrice], [cUnitName], [cValidTerm], [cPossibleLevel], [cUseCount], [cPeriod], [cCoinPrice], [cGameMoneyPrice], [cClassName]) VALUES (N'K_C9_00014563', N'K_C9_00014563', N'680', N'Unlimited', N'0', N'0', N'1', N'0', N'0', N'0', N'Hunter');

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    Re: I need cashshop help

    I've used that query and it inserts all the items I want, but the thing is that when I click buy, the item doesn't go to the cash bag or shows any error message.

    Could it be that I'm using the wrong moneyCode or something? I've seen some screen shots here that they have an other currency next to "Wcoin" named "Points" is there a way to enable that and increase that value?