Aura Kingdom Private server in 2020?

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    Aura Kingdom Private server in 2020?

    Aura Kingdom Private server in 2020?
    Hello everyone, im extremely new to private servers and this sort of thing in general. I have been following alot of threads and have a satisfactory aura kingdom private server (still in lan because I can't port forward on uni wifi). I am opening this thread to ask the general question that alot of new comers ask on the forums,

    How do we update the client/server?

    most people still have the reaper and newer classes locked and were behind on many many patches.
    I have tried many things in order to get some updated files such as:

    -Changing config files/extracting the pkg and all that since they have some good stuff.
    -Going to the official aura kingdom website and again extracting the pkg and still nothing the client automatically closes itself at 30% when launching the game and has a little error window without anything in the error box, (theres just a little profile of a blond npc).

    most things can be found in the forums scattered accross the place and I have messaged some of the main gods of these forums to see if they can give an insight or something for us new users. The best thing I found was a discord server which was mentioned in one forum post about helping people and I will be waiting on a response for that.

    Another question that I personally have is how would I be able to create a login/register site that adds data to the database. (once again just like in even if its something simple that can be setup with just a login/register field online.

    These are some basic things that are missing and unfortunately I haven't been able to find anywhere to look, so I was wondering if I could appeal to the gods of these forums once again and provide some insight as to if people are still working on aura kingdom private servers.

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    Re: Aura Kingdom Private server in 2020?

    aurakingdom is good game, it can be a impact of private server if someone want to launch, however the bad things is the newest files is really rare. only in public just version 3.0 but the official is version 11.0+ still only in 11 classes but the official is 16 classes now. if someone share a newest files above version 3.0, it can be nice for community

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    Re: Aura Kingdom Private server in 2020?

    :( i want to have newer ones..

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    Re: Aura Kingdom Private server in 2020?

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    Re: Aura Kingdom Private server in 2020?

    I find it very difficult to have the files updated on the internet, the most recent leaked and the one we have with 11 classes if it could include new classes it would be very good for the community