Pserver's lifespan

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    Pserver's lifespan

    Pserver's lifespan
    Hey people!

    I just saw there were serveral Pservers of AK in the past. Some of them got a little bit popuar(if i can call it like that).
    But why 99% are just offline? Why they have canceled it? Is it because there aren't that much pserver players?

    Would be great to know if someone knows more about it or if anyone got a clue.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Pserver's lifespan

    I had one (Aura Kingdom Brasil). I had to close because of the old and bugged version (v3). And because brazilian playerbase is all focused on .TO server, that is way more updated and online for more years.

    Pservers get to a point that they don't have too much new things to do, so players quit. Thats why its a bad ideia those pserver with 20x rates. Even 10x rate are a bad thing today. The ideal is 5x, not too hard, but not too easy.

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    Re: Pserver's lifespan

    I think it's basically because too many servers came out for quick cashgrab, but most of them doesn't really know how to add new stuffs in, or improving their server/ client, fixing bugs, etc. So they basically will sure stuck at one point and players will grow bored of it.