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    [READ] Section Rules

    In addition to these rules, RaGEZONE Forum Rules apply. Make sure you read those too.

    These rules are specifically for this Aura Kingdom forum, please follow them to keep the section clean and professional so we can all easily learn and grow together in the Aura Kingdom section without confusion.

    • Developments - Projects posted here are not required to be finished but can promote teamwork or be in the testing stage. Try to use the following prefixes for development posts:

      • [Tools] - Prefix for tools in development
      • [Server] - Prefix for Server development
      • [Client] - Prefix for client development

      Note: Prefixes can be changed/added at any time.

    • Releases - Any release which is finished, that should be pretty simple.
    • Tutorials - Any guides or tutorials, can be text or video.
    • Help - Any questions you have. For best help, describe your problem with lots of detail, such as how the problem happened. This will make it easier for others to assist you. Also, screenshots or videos of the problem are very helpful too.

    What you should NOT post - Read RaGEZONE Forum Rules, AND the following:

    • Don't make one post just saying "thank you", click Like instead. If you have extra information or things you want to say extra in a post, then you can say "thank you" and then add all your extra information in that one post.
    • NEVER abuse people asking questions you think are bad/silly/noob. We all started learning somewhere, support people and be nice. Feel free to tell them to use the search function, or if you want to be REALLY nice, give them a link to a post or thread that answers their question.
    • Don't ask for releases. They will come when ready.

    If we all work together, the whole community benefits! Let's follow the rules, keep everything clean and organised, and everyone will learn easily for years because of all of us.

    If you break these rules, you might get a forum Infraction. This is similar to a warning, if you get 3 of them you will receive a temporary forum ban. If you keep breaking the rules a Super Moderator will review your posts which can result in more severe penalties.

    Thanks for reading and following these rules and the main forum rules!

    NOTE: Rules below can change without warning.