wz chair position issue with old version

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    sad wz chair position issue with old version

    wz chair position issue with old version
    Hi, just wonder if its possible for lower version, mounts chair can be work? (character wont be on the ground).
    I saw many threads that asked the same question. But I find some chair which can change character position off ground, so I guess maybe there are some chance for low version, that tamingmob chairs can work. for example, the Olympic rings chairs, the black rings, character and chair can all floating. and it is not set as tamingmob cuz there is not tamingmob effect happen, and no taming wz which is connect to black rings effect image. and I try to see itemwz about the chair (e.g. 03010030), on the effect, there is only pos(1) and z(-1). So I have no idea how it work?

    is there something on the src or client? hope someone can help with that issue.

    many thanks :)

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    Re: wz chair position issue with old version

    GM Client supports newest version of GMS,KMS,SEA...etc. Also does chair,mount. But i think you don't want to see Delphi(pascal) code.

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    Re: wz chair position issue with old version

    It's 100% client-sided. I used client edits to make them work in v83, which consists of making the client support new wz nodes (i.e. the chair's tamingMob node) and making it render the animations properly. Also some wz editing had to be done to each of them. But not every chair uses taming mob, some have different nodes (e.g. bodyRelMove) and also stuff like forcing specific avatar animations and facial expressions, but the taming mob stuff on its own accounts for hundreds of chairs.