[IMPORTANT] How to use Help Section? [MUST READ]

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    shout [IMPORTANT] How to use Help Section? [MUST READ]

    [IMPORTANT] How to use Help Section? [MUST READ]
    As some of you noticed, this section is fairly new and it's meant to be used solely for Help Requests.

    This section is for Help requests ONLY. So please, do not post anything else.
    • Do not post discussions, such as "which character is better?", "Opinions about new update" and such. Discussions topics without intention to request help, goes into Cabal Online General Section
    • Do not post releases, we have a specific subsection for that: Cabal Releases
    • Do not post discussions about Development, like "This is my progress on new GM Tool" and etc. There is a specific subsection for that: Cabal Development
    • Do not post tutorials in here, there is a place for that: Cabal Tutorials
    • Do not post reports about anything in here. Reports goes to Me or other Moderator.

    Guidelines for Help Requests:

    • Always use SEARCH and go through other Cabal forum subsections before requesting any help. Most likely, that the problem you are experiencing will be already sorted out. You can also go to Google and start searching by: Cabal Ragezone your_problem_here.
    • Always add prefix: [Help] / [HELP] / [Request] / [REQUEST] to your thread's name.
    • Specify your problem in couple words in the thread's name, for example:
      [Help] Not working Novice Skills / [Request] Upload newest Korean Client Update
    • Explain as much as possible about your problem(s) / issue(s) and give more information by posting logs or taking screenshots or even uploading video.
      More information - more accurate help advise will be given.
    • If English is not your strongest point, do not worry. Describe the problem in your own language and use Google Translate to translate it in English and add English translation into the post.
    • Threads like:
      * Helllppppp, pllllsssss and such will be deleted.
      Threads with a content like:
      * "pls not working skills." and such will be deleted.
      Threads in other languages apart of English without English translation - will be deleted.


    If you've got help you needed, don't reply "thanks","thank you very much","god bless you" and etc.
    Simply click like on the post that you've felt was useful and helped you to sort the problem(s).
    How to "like" threads - use this thread as a reference.
    Like or Rep is the best way to show appreciation!