Cant Login into Game

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    Cant Login into Game

    I stuck at Selecting Server, i change my serverlist, i htmessage same ip with my server files i check also in my htmessage in "" and it said success.

    What is the problem of this connection

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    Re: Cant Login into Game

    I've also encountered this error.

    Since I already followed all the guides here in ragezones and still it did not fixed my problem.

    What I did, I replaced all my server files I found here and boom I was able to connect.

    If you already followed all the guides here and still not able to connect, try replacing your server files.


    1. Just make sure that Zone Servers and Client version are the same.
    2. Make sure that your created account is inside the DBSRV/account folder
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    Re: Cant Login into Game

    Thanks for the update instruction.

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    Re: Cant Login into Game

    I too have this issue...

    The fixes are:
    1. Check your version in zone settings, must be the same as your HTLauncher.
    2. Check your Serverlist.bin IP must be your IP range.
    3. Same as HTMessage.txl you have to edit the IP of your server as static.
    4. Run Client in the server where the zones are.
    5. If this didn't work, go back to No 1.
    6. If the serverlist worked, and you cannot login to LAN... type message your Zone Code with /openserver then press enter.

    Hope this helps
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