Forsaken World Bot farmer

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    Forsaken World Bot farmer

    Forsaken World Bot farmer
    Hey evryone, Anyone know about this farmer bot?

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    Re: Forsaken World Bot farmer

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunner View Post
    Hey evryone, Anyone know about this farmer bot?
    Yes. Its disabled now.

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    Re: Forsaken World Bot farmer

    If you are the admin you decide how to set up the server, everything else can be fixed ...

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    Re: Forsaken World Bot farmer

    So these people who clearly have no idea how to fix such an issue, you must locate this in task_listlua1 - 7 depending on the version, (this bot affects all Forsaken World 2 and above servers)

    the fix is very very simple lol

    i will share how to fix it plus the fix for healbot cheat, both are affected by games poor lua engine management

    to fix this if you are on Forsaken World 2 or above you must locate this task_dice item, Inferno Gem, then go to the task ID of 20,071 and disable it by setting min_lvl requirement to 200, this will cause the bot to bug out and make a window appear, showing min_lvl requirement 200, its also recommended that you do this to all the lua tasks for this, 20,071 is only the start of it

    as for healbot, this one requires far more time and patience and requires you to have the libskill source code to fix

    once you have a working compiler and are set up to do this, then proceed from this line of text.

    Find in source code Skill ID = 4147

    open it to reveal this

    #ifdef _SKILL_SERVER
    bool StateAttack(Skill* skill) const{    
    StateFilter2706 *filter1 = new StateFilter2706(skill->GetVictim()->GetObject(), 0); 
     return true;
    float GetEffectdistance(Skill* skill) const{return (float)(525);}
    After which you can do either of the following, you can either set the time param to 0 or set the skill itself GetMaxmp and GetMaxhp to 0 disabling this.

    What this will do is completely disable the bots ability to heal but will also disable hell roads heal skill, so i recommend placing ferries heal on the crystal trackstones inside hell road to make up for this