about FW GameEngine

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    about FW GameEngine

    about FW GameEngine
    someone know the game engine the game use?
    RealSpace 3? Unreal Engine? Cryengine? or some other?

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    Re: about FW GameEngine

    Quote Originally Posted by CrystalCoder View Post
    someone know the game engine the game use?
    RealSpace 3? Unreal Engine? Cryengine? or some other?

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    Re: about FW GameEngine

    Wanmei's internal Engine, Angelica (yes, I'm repeating someone, for a good reason) Jd PW and a few more games use this engine as well. anything with ARC, WM, PWC, or PWE branding uses the same engine (if it was in-house developed. this excludes bought games like neverwinter)

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    Re: about FW GameEngine

    Angelica Engine 2.0, to be exact.
    its Dead game.. cause fyyre killed it.


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    Re: about FW GameEngine

    As a side-note, the versions of the Engine are 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 3.0 and 3.1. Version 4.0 is in development.

    Update to this post...

    There is, also, Angelica version 1.0. The first game to be released using this engine was "Great Qin Warriors" in China on July 1, 2002.

    The second title to be release was "Shanghai Dragon" in China in December, 2002.

    The third title to be release was "Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh Trail" in the USA sometime in 2003.

    This last game you can get from https://mega.nz/#!snQhmY4J!RSJzvDOjP...0bhfW0QLXtldqY
    and has been tested on Win10 x64.
    You can mount the image using WinCDEmu - WinCDEmu - Download
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    Re: about FW GameEngine

    The engine can be tweaked in configs.pck under element_client.cfg and limits.cfg to more effectively allow it to run smoother, by default the engine uses whatever software non-sense to run in the client, switching the settings to run on hardware is found under folder autofamilyconfigs in configs.pck for Forsaken World, further testing shows this also works on other Angelica based games