Secret Document Portal BUG troobleshooting + Notes

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    note Secret Document Portal BUG troobleshooting + Notes

    Secret Document Portal BUG troobleshooting + Notes
    Hello there.

    My name is Moose and I've made a private server (with some help) for me and my buddies with the 5.0 files. There seems to be a lot of bugs and "wrong" configurations if you think for a second those are Araz files (PvP Server) so I was fixing most of them (still am) with countless hours of debugging and asking around (lol). The thing is I stumbled upon a mostly weird bug that after 5 hours of debugging it still hunts me and wanted to share if anyone knew something.

    When you buy a secret document, lets say for the Mission 1 the portal has the option to the Mission 6 instead of 1 but it works just fine and teleports you to Mission 1 anyway. The same story goes for Mission 2 and it says Mission 7, Mission 3 to Mission 8 and so on but in the end it teleports you to the right mission. (As you can see it says 5 missions up) After Mission 6 (says 11) even if you buy the Mission 7 document it doesn't show anything on the portal.

    Possibly because with this weird bug it would normally say Mission 12 but the missions goes up to 11 (120lvl) so there is a possible cause. I have noticed that the portals are a little bugged anyway.

    I tried to fix them through the database (but it wasn't it), removed the conditions and nothing. Forced the player to teleport in the document by changing the map ID and xpos, zpos. Nothing. (It worked for the other documents so I know you can force people on there). Maybe the map is bugged? Maybe that weird thing with the 5 missions up in the name and because the mission 12 doesn't exist it breaks? I even tried to reverse engineer the whole database ( I learned a lot in the way tho ) but nothing. Even searched for the string that is the name of the mission in all the database tables, client and server source code. Nothing.

    So where are these mystery names stored if not in the source or db? Maybe a file somewhere? (Even if it is in a file as data, I don't think the problem is in there). Any ideas would be welcomed. Tomorrow I will continue debugging. Maybe where the portals/document code is would really help so I can find some code around them and start debugging from there with break points.

    That's it for me. Have a good one!

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    Re: Secret Document Portal BUG troobleshooting + Notes

    hello, look for tcd (tportal etc....)