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  1. Hi there!

    Close this please;

    Thank you! :)
  2. Congratulations on being awarded the following section :

    Seal Online
    Merchant Zone
    MMORPG Extra
    Fiesta Online

    Please keep it neat and tidy! Thanks!
  3. hey bro! i'm back
  4. I'm a little late but I'm here!
  5. hello guys help me?
  6. Responding to emergency Task Force call, shall we have an intervention thread? The FAQ sticky is obviously not achieving its goal.
  7. sounds good looking forward to it!
  8. I must say, it was the strong scent of blood which caused me to return. I've been busy with life, it's the last year of college for me so been busy with classes, job hunt, bullshit, etc.

    Christmas break is coming up so I should be around a little more this month. I don't have the time to analyze spamzilla atm, but I will tonight. Btw, where is foxx?

    and congrats on the mod!
  9. Haha whats up dude! Happy holidays, how are you?
  10. god only knows :( - just really annoying, May go have a nap or something.

    And yes planning a meal out with some friends :)
  11. I actually do; I got a headache and stomach cramps :( - Plus its my birthday tomorrow and I am doing nothing exciting for it.
  12. gurglewurgle.
  13. Yes, but nay a painting of my naked body paint itself. Oncology is cancerous.

    I have no idea how to use "nay" in a proper sense; and "yes, but nay" seems like it's wrong. A positive followed directly by a negative seems like it would be improper.
  14. Some other time, like today. Paint me like one of your French girls.
  15. Nothing wrong with bubbles, man, but not not at the moment! I've yet to try shrooms, but I feel like it could serve me well. I do go to a fucking art school, after all. Sounds like a pleasant time for you, man.
  16. Currently taking a bath and listening to Barbara Streisand, what about you handsome?
  17. Hello, Hallo, hej, vodka
  18. No sir...
  19. Grats brotha.
  20. I don't know really. I haven't felt good in the past few weeks. I don't know if it's a phase but I'm fed up of everything now. Everything I do goes un-noticed, the things I say are mere words of uselessness to people, things are failing. My family think bad of me, my friends don't speak to me no more.

    I don't know what to do.
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