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  1. Hi Hilia hows life
  2. Runs just fine for me. Every now and then I'll get a parameter error, but after 2 or 3 attempts it always works. The people that test with me on windows 10 have no problems either, and according to them v90 has a better chance of running than v83 does.
  3. Noooooooooo
  4. I missed u :(
  5. hilia whats up
  6. Bravo for figuring that out :p
  7. Hi hilia :3
  8. Hi Hilia how have you been :D
  9. Well yeah, I wasn't exactly right.. I just checked some versions WZs, and it seems that it was removed in the Big Bang patch, which means that any version before big bang (v93 and down) and after v38 is applicable.
    (It was in my v111 only since I am the one who added it, lol)

    So now we know for sure, hehe.
  10. Actually, the apple map including the forced apple suit is still there after v6x, even in v111, for reference.. You can just use it as the map Sera warps you to at the beginning.

    Anyways, good luck !
  11. Also, just so you know, I am working really hard on my v51 source for like, a year plus as the new home for my FutureLegend project, and it is pretty much fully done GMS-like wise, Now all I have to do is add and code the custom systems from my previous versions and the new ones I thought about.. Although, if you're really interested in it, I wouldn't mind for some competition.. even though honestly I would prefer to get somewhat unique for a time with my server.

    Good luck with your development, if you need any help, I am here willing to provide you with assistance in my free time, pal.

    Happy new year !
  12. Sent you a PM, add me on Skype
  13. Is not me xD He is just using my domain :D
  14. In C++ if you return a std::vector<blah> with a million objects, it calls a special move constructor that merely transfers over the pointer the allocated memory without duplicating the internal memory.
    In Rust if you return a Vec<Blah> with a million objects, it does a move that merely shallow copies the object over without duplicating the internal memory.
    Implicit vs explicit copy has nothing to do with whether it returns the object itself or a reference to the object. It has to do with whether you can create a full recursive copy of the object without having to call a special member function. C++ allows you to implicitly copy any object by just doing auto a = b; Rust only lets you implicitly copy objects that are trivial structs that don't own resources, and for everything else you have to explicitly call .clone() if you want a copy. In a language like C#, struct objects are implicitly copyable while class objects can only be explicitly copied via .clone().
  15. In your two examples, it isn't copying the return value, it is actually moving them. Whenever a local variable is directly returned from a function, it simply moves the internal resources instead of copying everything, so its very efficient and lightweight.
    What basically happens is that std::string and std::vector have a pointer to dynamically allocated memory. When you copy them it has to copy all that memory, but when you move them it merely does a shallow copy where it copies the small object itself, but not the memory, and then invalidates the old object because it no longer owns those resources.
    In Rust the same thing occurs as in C++, except where in C++ move constructors have to be created manually, in Rust moving is an automatic part of the language.
  16. Now if you were using Rust, copies of small structs and moves of more complex objects, which are both generally trivial operations, are both implicit, whereas any sort of expensive copy must be explicitly performed using .clone() which helps to avoid accidentally copying complex objects.
  17. In C++ you have to be mindful about when copies occur so that you can minimize them. For small trivial structs it doesn't matter, for objects that have a bazillion fields and are huge you want to avoid copies where possible, and for objects that own resources such as dynamically allocated memory take advantage of moves to avoid expensive copying of the internal resources. There is nothing wrong with using std::unique_ptr and std::shared_ptr for large objects when needed, and you can pass objects by reference as well.
  18. I understand. C++ is not for me either. I'm pretty disappointed that there isn't a good framework for creating games in C#. There is OpenTK, or MonoGame, but meh, C# isn't too powerful for those kind of stuff in my opinion. I'm currently re-writing the core of my emulator.
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