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  1. damn, I never cleared it since the last guy posted that LOL
    cleared inbox now
  2. hi dude
    i have a problem can u help me ?
  3. Hello my friend, I would like to add you in my discord, if you don't mind :D
    This is my discord: GoldenHunter#6830
    Thank you

  4. My apologies for leaving my inbox full. I've deleted some messages now but thinking that the content of your PM would be same as content of the visitor message, I won't be asking you to re-send the PM.

    I will contact you on Skype as soon as I get home, as I am currently away and unable to reach my PC.

  5. I can't pm you my skype info your inbox is full
    pm me when i can send it :)
  6. I have no idea what you are talking about?
  7. Hello, I need to source talent tree
  8. Plis.. Add me skype:
    thank you!
  9. View Conversation
    Hi ^^

    I do not know if you remember me or not, but I was the one looking into making a Bright Shadow emulator. I have made quite a bit of progress, and I can share with you some things I found out. I was even able to make a successful keygen (for reference in writing the code etc) At this moment it can only do a 9 digit UN and a 9 digit Password.

    I am not really available on my instant messenger anymore, so I cannot contact you that way, so I tried to email you, and got no response. Could you please let me know if you are still available in helping on this project?

    Thanks ^-^
  10. account.sqlfor MUX complied does...
  11. Mr JonnyBravo how can i make account for MUX and how can i use client via 1.5gb file you share? i dont see mux.exe there
  12. Hey jonny, I have a few questions regarding a project I'm working on. I've made decent progress but I know you would know more about it to guide me in the right direction, do you happen to have skype by any chance?
  13. Using the source code from my own version. Have both source coded from server and client been using both.
  14. yo bro , about the MUX ,you using latest client ?
  15. I thought I had sent off a reply a few days ago but I guess it didn't send. So basically as far as what I know, I don't know much about programming. Only thing I can actually remember on what to do is making a program that says "Hello World" and that was out of this book I had received from the few classes I took. Common sense tells me that really isn't that much.

    My contact information:


    Skype: iDuhTofu

    It's probably going to take me forever to learn everything from scratch and get the know how to do everything but at this point I'm willing to learn.
  16. Also, a small part of me hopes that when you read this you might get the motivatioin to try La Tale once more; I mean trying to make another source for it. If not now maybe after they update at Season 2. I could have gone to someone else and wrote this nonsensical wall of text, but I don't know; I just thought you were more down to earth and you'd be more willing to listen than say some other people on the forums. If you're not at all willing to pick it up again, maybe give me some tips as to where it would help to learn some programming. I have nothing but time nowadays and I need something productive to do. I would like to thank you if you read this or not, even if you don't I thank you for attempting at it before. Haha, I'd thank you even more if you picked the project back up even if it were just you alone.

    Anyways, laters.

    PS; Sorry again about this long message that you were probably saying "Why is this guy telling me this?" I kind of get carried away sometimes..
  17. I was looking forward to you releasing the source, but it seemed like either it never happened, was lost, trashed, or that thread was closed too soon for you to actually post the source. If it were released it would have played with the source just to learn from it and for the reason that at the time I did like playing La Tale, still do now. If you do have it, is there any way for you to post it?
  18. Honestly I forgot all about the project, been so long since I had started folllowing that thread that it's been a few years since and long enough for me to forget my previous Ragezone account. I can get maybe a little of what could have been frustating to you, spent a year and a half attempting at a major for programming later in the year dropping out and switching to a graphic design major. Programming is hard stuff and takes quite some patience, not saying that I don't have it; it was just my lack of motivation to learn and it felt more like the teachers were giving me programs that did things for me instead of them giving us things to play with in order to learn ourselves. But all of that is beside the point.
  19. Well, since your inbox was full; as ridiculous this may seem..

    Well, I should first say that my message is probably going to be long. You probably won't want to read it, but I'm hoping that you do.

    Well in short I was wondering what ever happened to that La Tale source you were developing few years back. Few years back, I use to follow that LaStar thread, I think that's what is was called. At the time while it was being developed, out of all the projects that were started and stopped, yours was going to be finished and really it didn't seem too far from being finished; but that's coming from someones else perspective. There was probably a lot of things that were unfinished. The face that you were doing it all alone, the fact that there was just too much probably hindered the project.
  20. send me how much you want
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