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  1. that's good.

    as for me, I'm currently working on this project of an application - psp ide. Ideal for psp homebrewing. :p
  2. what is cooking!

    Hey sp, I haven't noticed you for a long while. I thought you were away somehow. How is it going!? Got any projects you're working on recently?
  3. Saw your name randomly...just thought I'd say I work for an Engineering Firm called SPN. :P
  4. oh wait i fixed it LOL.
    Thanks anyway
  5. Hello once again.
    Well i'm currently making a site for any developers applications that i may want to release in the near future and i seem to have it a rock in the road. I've been using floats for like a week or two and have located a problem, i was just wondering if you could show me ( or just tell ) how i could fix this.
    You can see the files here.. As you can probably see the coding isn't up to top standards but i should be able to fix that. preview.png shows what i would like it to look like without the logo and other stuff, Copy of Layout is what i've been working on and if you notice the header box in the bottom right is under that of the one on the left. How would i fix that? Also if you have a spare minute or two, could you just double check to see that i've used most things correctly so it would work in all browsers. ;D
  6. Thank you very much ;D
    i already found tutorial though, and it's a work in progress.
  7. ohai again.
    If i recall properly, you've used Actionscript and Flash quite a bit?
    I was wondering if you were able to help me locate a tutorial, i'm looking for a tutorial in which it will teach me how to allow a user to click a button and a random sound plays, clicking different parts of the body would select a different array of the body, eg, legs would have different remarks to the head.. i know how to make a soundboard, but not so much the random part and the array's. i'm doing this for a new future project, a pink unicorn which onced clicked, gives sleezy remarks. :P
  8. Nothing much.
    Just always wanted to give you a shout but got sidetracked
  9. Hey man :P
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    I don't use email anymore. Just ragezone. =p
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    Hmm.. I was thinking about Trasion.

    Do you think I should make Trasion a company name? (ex: Jelsoft), and have us make the forum software and sell it, and aswell, make a CMS program? I'm thinking about that, I'd like to practice my coding skills on some different projects, and make some cash.
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    Work with me on Trasion? :)

    I need a experienced coder to help me out with a few things. Including making a shoutbox for admins only, and it must read their name from my database. Are you interested?
  13. :P

    I cba to find something else.
  14. You should be expecting classic hard rock experience with Vectors.
  15. Not to worry; I made him scream for goodness' sake.
  16. I really must commend you on the WysGUI.
    Although i did come across alittle template bug.
    As you can see the footer is overlaping the sponsor.
    Anyway, great job and goodluck with future developement.

    And may i also ask how long you've been learning Php for?
  17. I was wondering if you coded php?
  18. Hey wats your msn?
  19. Haha. Good to hear that. Well about FAT32/NTFS. Use NTFS because it can hold larger files. And about stability... No difference in stability between FAT32 and NTFS. But anyway go with NTFS. It's better/newer.

    About Ubuntu. You can google the official site of Ubuntu and download it there, burn CD and then boot/install from it. It is very easy. You can also get a free Ubuntu CD by mail witch I recommend to do. Though it will come only after 2 weeks or so, but it is very usefull.
  20. Go with Ubuntu. It is the best choice for Linux starters because it is kinda easy to use it. And it is fast-growing linux distro. One of the fastest in the world. If you have any further questions about Ubuntu or Linux in general message me.
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