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  1. haha I've gotta erm find a cheaper Lamborghini in the mean time :( takes a loan haha
  2. I only need £58k more LMAO and yeah same, I might convince my uncle to buy me it, I'll owe him the money LMFAO
  3. Sweet stuff! that's great, I'm jelly haha! and nah just looking at Lamborghini's and how I should buy one haha! (As you do ofcourse ;p)
  4. My first PC was probably XP, Cant remember but I'm sure it was, :o doing much haha?
  5. LMAO it looks funny, not sure I like it and XP kinda annoyed me but it was alright for basic stufffffs
  6. ooo really? that's handy, makes it loook nicer and windows 7 is my way forward and I did have it but I never installed it haha!
  7. That's true, Vista stole all your HDD space and was a pain to use, Windows 8 is too fancy pancy and overcomplicated
  8. Yeah the phone idea is alright but in a computer it's pointless, the erm touch screen might be alright for it but... not normal desktops + 7 is simpler than 8 in my own opinion.
    It's like windows server 2012 - literal b*tch to use... they've got the same design
  9. Oh god that, i hate that; it annoys the hell outta me
  10. Lmaoooo awk i've not seen that either oh well!
  11. I guess so, ooooo I've not seen the retro style... TO GOOGLE!
  12. I don't mind the like.. skype look? if you get me, apple looks awesome, yeah ikr its better than "Samsung" it makes it sound Korean
  13. Haha I started on XP but I was on a 96 woo! 8 is too erm graphical, I don't like it; LMAOO iPhone 5 for me !!
  14. i hardly be on facebook g
  15. That's fair doos I guess! That's pretty good, although the 7750 Would've been more desirable! LMFAO Erm I LIKE MAC'S LMAO I love Mac OS ngl, I tried convincing my mother to buy me a mac but that was a tough push LMAO! Yeahh I ditched my shiteberry, I like the 5 but I dunno if its erm battery is the same as the 4, and hmmm I could but too much effort atm I guess :P
  16. Ooo that seems decent man, it'll do! It doensn't need to be perfect for a start!
    LMAO DON'T ASK I DONT EVEN KNOW, I just bought a 160GB HDD and another one, hoping that I can somehow install Mac OS x on my pc (it's possible its just being a bit of a pain in the arz atm)
    and I wouldn't have told you but I have an iPhone 4 now haha, its all good and working :-) apart from the wifi... which was working until I cracked the screen and replaced it and then now it only works from like 6M from the hub.. cries
  17. Hey bro, sorry its been flippin ages and I never replied to your other message (oops) and fantastic man, it looks sweet! Hope its all good and working, I got a new occupation of spending time on eBay and buying stuff like Hdd's for like £10 LMAO oop, how well does it run ^_^
  18. wagwan g!
  19. how u doin mate
  20. hlo xxxxxxx
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