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  1. Good news.. I have it working again! I'm doing it for you right now!
  2. yea u know n cheers i dont anymore too lol
  3. LMAOO by the looks of it, its like its been in world was 2 iPhone edition! aaah soldering, yeah I had a christmas present once and they soldered it to this thing and it was so weak that I turned the cable and the solder came off LMAO oopsies, had to use an european soldering iron on a british plug (always fun). Yeah I think it needs a bit of a makeover! It looks fine I guess apart from that ;p
  4. Haha sweet, I might convince her that if she pays for it I'll pay her back ... eventually ;) and LMFAO AT THE BOTTOM OF IT, holy mother of god! yeah I can see what you mean, it is covered in scratches and the bottom of it looks like it's seen better days! ;) What the was the final part? and at least it works yeah haha, I'd be happy as long as it works.
  5. LMAO cheers, although its gunna take like 6months I swear (SHE CUDDA STATED WHEN).
  6. Two pixelpro's!?!?

    Anyway, hey mate. :D
  7. hey dude!
  8. Awkwardly I found it after I sent my comment, they're like £6 for a chassis (+ sim tray etc) so its reasonably cheap although my mum said I'm allowed one now, just not sure when haha!
  9. I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find the actual holster seen as thats where all the screws go into, I've found everything but :(
  10. yeah only worried that the case (silver corners etc) that you can't replace are going to be like really badly damaged but I can hope that only the screen/back are
  11. Ah I have one from them, not gone down as far as I know haha, 128mb 680mb burst or something. The customer service is almost none existant and yeah Iphone 4 32gb £220 ish + replacement screen+ back = £26? so its not bad I guess, they don't even sell the 32gb iphone 4's any more haha
  12. Haha that's kind of awkward, who's the host and I'm trying to convince my mother to let me buy an iphone 4 (32gb) used and then refurbish it, got to convince her its cheaper then buying the actual phone new LMAO omd
  13. I somehow get ones with 2GB+ or I get multiple 512MB ones but I think 2 of mine are offline or running on backup power due to that bloody hurricane, keep trying! D:
  14. Haha :3 awww I don't think there is any on google, but true that there is ones for like 128mb RAM etc for free :p and most of them are real ;p
  15. not much man been too busy lately.. got a lil baby girl now age 2 :P.. but yea been all good how's u these dayz all good yea
  16. yo wots poping im back from the dead haha u koolio been bare long man ain't really been on too much going on :P been bloody months yrs lol
  17. haha yeah, I've lost a lot of the memory of coding its too difficult and yeah it was, someone bought actual Vbull + someone bought the skin, I got given both, woo Sold 2 pieces of hosting 8$+ LMAO woo!
  18. Yeah, I've done hosting for about 6years? maybe 7 and I aint paid for anything apart from the domain + layout, he's buying the server and hopefully it wont fail, I did have a forum that someone bought a $260 skin for and that kinda failed oooops its so difficult getting things popular!
  19. LMAO woops :$ and awwwww you'll get it! WOO 1year ;D and I've just bought a domain for hosting.. this should be interestingly crazy
  20. Woo what one did you get and that's for me to know ;)
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