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  1. :o thats very good, hope you can get it. Haha yeah I'm trying to get this mac because all my laptops fall apart and my desktops are DEV only, / I want Imovie. No idea what to do with these servers though, I've got like 15 different servers (vps/dedi) in more then 7 countries and I don't pay for them but its like holy moly too many
  2. LMAO oop, I'm saving for a mac at the moment ;p
  3. Yeah looks brilliant ahaha and I can run anything with no lag pretty much, Liquid nitrogen pc... and If I had a water cooled one my mother would go crazy saying its going to blow up or something
  4. That's cray, there is such things though my hdd is only 80gb LMAO I'll get an SSD + 500GB for christmas or something, I overclocked my gaming pc to 3.6ghz on the stock cooler, if I invest £20 on another cooler I can easily get 4.4? 4.6 ? GHZ but if I used liquid nitrogen I could get 7.8ghz LMFAO
  5. Done the custom PC building before but I paid £200 ;p the HDD sucks but hey ho, currently using a 32GB Dedi in USA for the fun because I have nothing else to do :p
  6. haha thanks, I'm waiting for my dedi to come in the post :| Intel Xeon 2.8ghz (2 physical CPU's) haha<3 nom
  7. The HybridCore is the back ;)
  8. haha yeah its going alright at the moment but hey ho its hard to keep active :(
  9. Within 24hours we had over 1k posts? 60 users? wasn't that bad, although we've just been hit with a 112k packet DDoS last night, gotta change hosts again ;[. Thanks anyway ;p
  10. Same been trying to get users on a forum but hey ho thats difficult especially as it opened and under 24hrs someone tried ddosing :[
  11. hey there friend
  12. aye ikr, up to much?
  13. Aye lmao Hopefully, but it seems not :(
  14. Outlawz Muthafucka Till We Die !
  15. smoking the highhhhhhhh grade mothafuckaaaa
  16. haha are they still as bad as everyone used to be over there LOL I just been enjoying my life yo, what have you been up too though dawg!
  17. It literally has been years my pixelated friend! I am doing shittiningly great! That is good that you are doing good though! What have you been up to my man!
  18. hahah long time no talk, how you doing buddy LOL
  19. Yeah I heard about them, They've always been attacking but when Megaupload closed, sh** went down!
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