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  1. yeah tell me about it im so bored ha, ive been drinking every other day haha, ermm 50/50 ive been meaning to get password reset for ages cause I forgot it so eventually asked ha, im always on db etc
  2. Yeah I’ve done a few shows one infront of 400 people too ha just soemthing I do now and then. And yep same I bought a Mac to do apps for iPhone etc but I don’t even do that. I hardly use it haha. Yeah I’m on furlough at moment probs won’t be back til next month ha. I’m just bored of lockdown atm
  3. Good good. Not a lot tbh I don’t do any dev now ha. I do a little stand up comedy now and then. But apart from that I’m either at work or going out drinking ha. You?
  4. oh my its been a while! yeah im good same as usual even after all this time haha, you?
  5. Haha Cheers, the car will come eventually! Trying not to get charged a fortune on insurance. Such a pain. I'm sure you'll get there soon enough!
  6. Getting rid of the current car, ordered a brand new corsa 1.4 LTD edition haha! How's it goin' bud, hopefully you got that car ;-)
  7. Long time Bro u good lol is everyone still on here from 3 years ago lol
  8. Haha yeah thats probably a good idea but got given a golf 1.6 But I'll insure it later, its just on my drive and yeah thats a good way to start ;p
  9. 4K jeez peas, hope you managed haha!! I'm insuring my Golf in August or July one of them then should be fine so it aint a real issue ;p already got it though haha and what car was that for ;p
  10. I know xD Only 3 Gamma's in my section. We're rare :(
  11. Holy shit, hi! Another Gamma user, they are so rare in my active section o:
  12. Thanks :)
  13. Awh, I did my test on like the 16th, passed! Hope you did too haha and I'm hoping I'll have a car soon although that insurance.. my fucking god so friggin expensive got quoted like 1.8k and I was like you've got to be joking me...
  14. Nahh giving it to a friend, sorted it anyway haha and whatcha been upto! New year n' all!
  15. Oooh fair enough haha, I'm trying to find my Vbulletin license :(!
  16. Worked?
  17. Oooo, the screen the entire thing I think I need to replace, it's all a bit ruined and awesome :D
  18. Ooo I need a new screen anyway, I think the button is to do with the screen as well? and that's just a joke ngl
  19. LMAOOOOO oh my, my iPhones broken fml and might just wait for the new iPhone 5s to come out so that I can get rid of my 4, the home button doesn't bloody work jesus and did you get your money back?
  20. I'm sorry man i had to make a new account because my other account Pixelpro231 had a long and strong password which i forgot.
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