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  1. bitch suck my dick :)
  2. k shut up now lol

    stop spamming
  3. ....
  4. no u
  5. I thought it was over, Mr.I can code?
  6. Oh well i got quite tired of it too.
  7. Funny how I always say true facts, like you never keeping your word, you not knwoing the difference between Tupac and Lil Wayne, you talking to much shit but you can't do any better, you failing in Java, and fyi you actually did post posts like that, to sum it up for you I actually back it up will real facts, you just make shit up, because you have nothing against me. Oh and I don't have 9-10 accounts on the forum like you do(Yes i actually did my research and not make shit up)
  8. Telling someone there iq is below 70, doesn't work out for people that post pictures like this everywhere

    Then dont bs me by saying you never posted that, I remember you posting shit like this all the time. So I wouldn't be talking mr.i think i am so smart.
  9. Lol.. Are you retarded? It's Tupac... And I don't listen to Lil Wayne. And Anujan doesn't need to grow up, he doesn't go by the name of "CANDYMAN"
  10. LOL Look whos talking
  11. Wow, give up already? Frankly you are the one acting like an "e-thug" now.
  12. It's hilarious to me how you call everything shit, but I NEVER saw you do any better. You know it yourself, you flaming is just you being jealous.
  13. Not exactly, I am a dev for ValhallaStory, DestinyMS, ObviliousMS, but I would admit I am not mr,pro coder or anything either I got a lot to learn. Hmm it actually was awhile ago, in numerous posts though, I'll try to find it, if you REALLY want me to. Oh and lets take this as example you said you would get the formula done, but you never did, I probably can't do neither but the fact is that you claimed you could do it and that it was easy to do but you never did
  14. Damn, i still remember saying that you are all pro and shit, oh i could do this and that, its so easy. But the funny part is all I ever seen you do is a "Hello world" tutorial in Java, nothing more then that.
  15. Kissing their asses? You make me lol
  16. Yes
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