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  1. dont mean to herass you or anything but i seen u had posts in legend of edda threads and i was wondering if you could make or know a tutorial by any chance on how to make a PS for Edda or any type of game im new to PS and i wanna make one for a game i love since i have free time
  2. You're one of the few people I'm talking here about this. I guess this wouldn't happen it wasn't for you, since when Mackintosh made DRGunZ, some of your players followed, and he used some of your files.
    So feel free to drop by and share some of your memories with us, we'd all appreciate it, because, well, who doesn't remember LGKeith lol
    BTW, if you could confirm what happened in 2007 I'd appreciate it, since some people have accused me of lying.
    I hope you remember this: Back in 2007 kolie was DDoS'ing LG because he wanted to extort 300$ from you, so I gave him an ultimatum: either he'd stop harming you and your 1000+ players, or I would quit - he didn't - so I quit and most people quit as well - then 2 months after kolie stopped DDoS'ing LG, and asked us to come back.
    I'll cyber with you if you can confirm this :]
    Best regards,
  3. Do you have the original pangya 584th pak? Or at least the .iff thats inside for basic shop?
  4. I'm here Keith :)
  5. Didn't you you also streamed on rzTV :p. but leaving when i join.. :(
  6. Heyyy bro, you know how to host RF Online? :D
  7. tomorrow, i go sleep now!
  8. I offline in skype lol
  9. Couldn't help noticing your avatar, do you play SWTOR? :]
  10. Thanks Keith for the support. :)
  11. Heya, sorry, things haven't been easy lately, I've started working this month again after being almost 6 months in recovery due to an injury on my right hand heh...MSN hasn't been helping either, with it merging with Skype it's starting to get all bugged due to the fact Microsoft is no longer fixing it further...If you have any pressing matters send me a private message please, I am on MSN atm but can't even access my staff msn chat group -.-
  12. hey can u help me?
  13. For old times sake!

  14. And don't worry about him either, I have him against a wall, thanks to some charges I've made due to the massive scam he made towards my community, he already has both his paypal accounts locked and one bank account frozen, he scammed me and my people in approx. 200.000$ and he is being investigated for that and several other internet crimes, and about this, after I ditched him and started making some research about him, the biggest scandal is that it was his mother who registered his domains and paid his electricity and internet bills all these years.
    We were all fooled...sigh. At least we're all good now and that's what matters.
    Sorry for the wall of text heh, it's just good knowing people like you still have interest in Gunz :]
  15. I was told by Gunblade that 'something' had expired, I told him to tell you about it. He just told me that you might be resurrecting it! I have my own DR at the moment, with no kolies to hack or ruin everything around us, but if you need anything SQL related, just ask, you always were a cool guy, we even mass quit DR back in 2007 because kolie was DDoS'ing you for no reason. You probably don't know or care, but last Summer, kolie, for some messed up twisted reason decided to completely wipeout the whole forums and game servers, everything that I worked on with my teams during 5 years, let's say that was his last "fuck up", pardon the language...apart from taking up all the donations and giving us always the same shitty ass laggy servers...So I just ditched him, took up DR and took my whole community into another place, you can check it on my signature if you wish, DR is now a completely different place ;] And kolie just has some dead forums with dead games...
  16. Hey man, it's been awhile :o
  17. Keith maaan, you're never on RaGECRAFT, I wanna buy VIP. :'(
  18. RF Online Server issues..i hope someone can help me to finish my server. message me at facebook Mauii Chen | Facebook
  19. can anyone help me finish my server? im almost at 90% till finish.. im at appserver, emulator and portforward issues.. i cant finish confused with the ip's and ports..i hope someone can help me..just message me at facebook here's the link of my profile: Mauii Chen | Facebook
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