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  1. Hello mean Lucy you won't hit me ?!
  2. hiyaa ;]
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    My eyes... I cannot see......
  4. Whoa wut. You're alive?
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    nothg much.. how abt u?
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  7. muhahahahha :-D
  8. :/ .
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    I be back!!!! :D hows it hanging?
  10. Hey :)
  11. my cat pawns yours.
  12. thanks hehe :)

    nah i do get worried easily. i was worried i was pregnant even when i wasnt having sex lol
  13. oooo check you out! hhaha :D ive been going strong with my boyfriend for a month and 2 weeks now hehe :P

    yeah rz is dry now. dont see any point in it. no one posts any good shit, and the love shack is just boooring now hehe
    id rather do things in real life, and when i get paid, im gonna buy myself a new jacket, because ive had the same one for about 4 years now, and a pair of gray cardigan ugg boots :) then go bowling, ice skating, cinema, meals out with my boyfriend. :)


    we had a scare, my peirod was 2 days late, i was like shhheuz
  14. lol! sorry you thought i was having a go! noo dont worry its nothing to do with you! i think your great lol.
    nah bacically i was just being a prat, being silly, but sadly you cant see body language and tone of voice over the internet

    (by the way ive had a bit 2 drink)

    started my 1ST job over today, at jessops, the camera shop.

    its really good atm, i enjoy it. and tbh, i would spend most of my day in bed, and by the time i have finished work, its about the time i get up and start doing stuff lol :)

    nah, it was raff tbh. it was something really small and silly and its just toped it.

    i only come on rz now to talk to wloc, genryu and see if ive got any messages you see..

    there is this new forum up, a friend set it up, and im a s mod on it atm, just trying to get it up and running, get a few regular people on it.

    how is the family coming along?? :) xx
  15. im alright thanks :) how about you hehe :)

    well really im pissed off with rz
    load of currupt mods and mods up thier own asses lol

    oh and people denying shit that has happened
    ah well lol

    i hope everything is okay for you hunny :)
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    Evilkitty FTW!!
  17. itsa meeeeeeee Marioooooooo
  18. Well miss a true lady does not forget her friends, so turn it on damnit:-D
  19. fine fine my sweet kitty. Get a hold of me on msn now and then will ya?
  20. ˘˘meowwww
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Myself, what to say about myself, to start I will say that I am a girl standing on a cliff just about where Fishguard is and wondering what is he doing now.

A tear falls and the wind blows and the world keeps moving. For once I wish the world would stop to allow me to capture my breath and take in the view. Yet the sun sets and night falls and once again I am left wondering.

You may wonder what I am talking about but that the secert of it all. No one knows what happens in my head. I look out towards the moon with the wind blow away my hair and leaves dancing around me. No tears can hold back, no emotions are kept and in some ways I feel totally in content.

You will know one day but for now, I am just a girl standing on a cliff wondering what he is doing now and if he is proud of me.

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