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  1. Certainly it did. Nice to have you back, hope you get back with another great SRO release! ^^
  2. Hey mate, havent seen you around for a while, being busy maybe?
  3. man where have you been? you disappeared from the face of the earth...u have my number, hit me up sometime ._.
  4. The game you are developing and more than likely earning income from is based on "leaks". The entire MMO development community is founded on leaks. Just imagine the free publiclity your server gains from this template. For SEO and PR it's going to be GOOD for you.

    Lots of people release free templates for that matter and its a clever marketing tactic.
  5. Remember you threatened his personal assets and your argument is he called you a "noob". There is a special word for this; "hypocrite". I would just ignore the matter imo. It's just going to stress you out.
  6. So this "template", who coded it "originally" and who created the graphics of it.
  7. I post on walls so people cannot misconstrue my words. You was under consideration for the app. I'm aware that you admit your wrong and that's good. I'll re-review your PM and act accordingly.

  8. Edit. wrong person.
  9. Why are you feeling victimized? And I'm also unsure as to what email you are referring too as I get many daily. How can I stop something that I have not seen. Nothing appears in my inbox from you so you are free to resend it by using the contact form below and if there was a moderator issue I always deal with it. I do urge you to try and act in a friendly manner because your defensive attitude is not going to gain you any support.

    As to you being "wrong". I've not said nothing otherwise and these are your own words. All I'm asking for you to do is be polite.

  10. You were almost getting a job as Moderator. That's what other people have always wanted, you come on and make a brilliant application, act immature and then ruin it for yourself. You would of got a chance, everybody liked your application, we all thought you were mature. After your first thread, we were all unsure, but then we saw the real you being a good person as usual, and then you make 2 other posts or threads whatever you want to call it and ruin it for yourself even after being warned.

    What the hell dude?
  11. Your attitude is what is getting you into trouble. As a responsible 25 year old man myself and you a 30 year old man also , you should know better than 90% of the forum to act in a mature and friendly manner.

    Although I do appreciate your humors words and let me say they are humorous, you really should start being a little bit more respectful because if you feel I am harrassing you then maybe you may want to leave the forum and take your postings elsewhere. Also I am unaware of what barrage of crap you are referring too? Especially given this is our first altercation.

  12. I must admit you are a rather immature man. You need to get a reality grip.
  13. Graham should act mature and not threaten people on my forum...
  14. Jo mate :-) Did you successfully edited the global manager with that green book thing ? Is it just me, or am i the only one still having the time bar remaining ?
  15. I need ya mate, can you get on msn?
  16. dude, when can u log in on msn?
  17. yo add me on msn, ahah
  18. umadbro?
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Ummmm WTF....ok so this is the shit from my Facebook...I hit the Link button like an idiot...and it changed all my shit...I will fix it when Im not so lazy. LOL

BTW...If you are here to BITCH, WHINE, SNIVEL, OR ANNOY ME IN ANYWAY...Please feel free to fuck off (this goes for everyone...including Sparkly Green Named Leprechauns ;) )

I am the father of a beautiful daughter named Kaydence .I am a student at ITT Technical Institute in South Seattle working on my Bachelors Degree in Software Development Technologies. I currently work as a Freelance Script Developer working on various types of projects ranging from Web Design, to Platform Development, to Digital Security, System Threat Analysis, and Target Tracking (Data or Persons).When I am finished my education I will have my Bachelors Degree in Software Development Technologies, Associates Degree in Physics, and a full ISS (Security) Background.My plan is to go to work for D.A.R.P.A. (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in t


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