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  1. My PM's are very very very full. No way I can mass delete, a lot of them are very special.
  2. Quote Originally Posted by Kreeate

    You're obviously a valued member of RZ. It would be awesome to just have a chat on the odd occasion and if you don't mind please add me to your Skype. It would be great for any potential mass RZ Skype sessions.

    My real name is Jan by the way. Feel free to call me by that name whenever and wherever you please.

    My skype is *snip*

    Hey what's up, my name is Luke.

    I wouldn't really say a valued member of RZ, my modding contributions/RZ private servers contributions actually ended like 4-5 years ago. But yeah, in terms of the lulz, I think I am a good provider!

    I actually never use skype so catching me on here is the best way to chat, but I will occasionally make my way to one of the chat rooms these guys set up so hopefully I'll be able to talk to you. Looking forward to getting to know you when I can be a little more active!
  3. Skype ?
  4. skype?
  5. Don't even try that, I know how our lord looks like. Shame on you..
  6. Haha gosh, if I convince her then you would do it. Lalala, so you live in Sweden, we got around 9 million citizens, it'll take me a few years to track you but I guess it'll be worth it..
  7. It's a world very few men will ever experience, and what a shame it is for those that miss this rare opportunity.

    Your loss, sir <3
  8. So I saw you are now a Swedish citizen.

    Let's meet up and have man to man intercourse. Yay
  9. Hey there Kreeate!~
    If you don't min would you like to add me on Skype?
    SKYPE: hemorouzimaki
    Thanks! :D
  10. There you are right I'm trying to lead an example like you said but I'm just failing at it because people keep making negative comments even when I've tried to change I've still failed.

    I've been changng for sure in the past time but people just keep bragging on the negative not seeing the positive things I've brougth since I've changed and I'm not saying that it's you who is an example of it but there are people who are and i think it's pretty annoying,

    Example: You work on something so hard on a work and people still keep saying your doing bad that's an perfect example of negative reactions on something so positive.
  11. No fucks were given thank you very much i don't care because you can disable reputation and everyone seems to be following the sheep so for example: When somebody does know you and doesn't like you then everyone else instantly does the same to get more popular so i don't care how people think because i will stay on the forum whatsoever and not going to change unless it's necessary

    Haters gonna hate ;)
  12. Hello :)

    Would you mind organizing the SuddenAttack section, there are some threads that are placed in the wrong section etc :)

    Thanks in advance :)
  13. RaGEZONE Rules :-D
  14. Hello

    Hey mate do you have some time to help me out setting up som errors on my Aion server. i followed your youtube vid but i still get a weard error at the StartLS. I sended you a PM about that to.
    I will appriciate your help verry verry much :)


    Skype: Willievvartaal
  15. That thread doesnt bother me
  16. O hai
  17. Look who got his old name back!
  18. You are now an official viking with your new avatar :)
  19. Who are you??????? Where did you take kreeate???
  20. Hahah I just randomly searched hello once, and it was the first time I saw that many twins all together.. I mean comon, the woman being pregnant with that many girls... I feel sorry for her vagginy,lol
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