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Emulator EMUWeb v6

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This prefix identifies which topics and releases are MMORPG server emulators.
Hosting Requirements:
  • PHP 7.0
  • PDO DBlib activated
  • Ioncube Loader
  • Support 1 MySQL Database

Supported Versions:
  • From 0.97d to Season 16.

General modules:
  • HomePage
  • News
  • Information
  • Events (Information, Awards and Times with Countdown)
  • Downloads
  • Rankings (Top Players, Top Classes, Top Guilds, Top Killers, Top Duels, Top Gens, Castle Siege, Top Online Users)
  • Regulation
  • Help Guides Section.
  • Character profiles with Power calculation and last location.
  • Clan Profiles with list of members, Score and all the information.

User Panel Modules:
  • General (Information and status of your characters)
  • My account (Change password and verify email)
  • My characters (Reset, Master reset, Distribute Stats and Delete PK)
  • My Purchases (Activate Packs, Buy Coins, Buy VIP x days, Buy Resets)
  • Classifieds and Shops (Trade module, classifieds, posts, party search or any advertisement from a user to the rest)
  • My Rewards (Unlimited rewards system can be awarded with coins any type of advance in the game of users automatically)

Administrator Panel Modules:
  • Home (General Server Information)
  • Countdown settings
  • General configuration.
  • Social networks and Widgets
  • Seo & Keywords
  • Configure Homepage
  • Appearance and Style (Modify Template colors, images, backgrounds, logo)
  • SMTP Data (Sending Emails in Registration and Retrieve Password, Verify Emails System)
  • News Settings
  • Information Configuration (Unlimited)
  • Castle Siege Configuration (Start Day and End Date)
  • Configuration, editing and adding Events
  • Edition of Regulations.
  • Rankings (Total configuration)
  • Resets, PkClear and Stats (Total Configuration)
  • Configure Donations and Add Packs (Unlimited)
  • Rewards System
  • Guide System

Security Modules Admin Panel:
  • Coins Control (Control server coins and search for users)
  • Block Accounts (Ban users)
  • IPs search engine and User search engine
  • Port Checker
  • Configurable Cache system

Modules for Accounts:
  • Edit Accounts
  • Edit Characters
  • Add Coins

Total Donation Control (All movements and logs of donations with the possibility of activating pending donations)
Control of Visitors to the Web (How many people entered in the last 24 hours) in real time and with registration of Logs by IP.
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