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[MuOnline] Duplicate items scanner

[MuOnline] Duplicate items scanner v97d+99i

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Hello, I decided to develop an auxiliary page for the administrators of MuOnline servers, with which they can check if there are duplicate items in their server.

The whole work is very simple, take all the chests (Warehouses) and all stashes (Inventory) of the players, break them down into items (Items), then take only the serial numbers of the items and filter if there are duplicates.
Which in one table pulls out all the duplicate items in your server.

For people who understand, I recommend that they modify it and add to the list with filtration the items from the Market system, Web Warehouse and everywhere else on their site where there is some kind of item, with the exception of Non-serial items (Jewels, Potions, Quests, etc) .

For those who do not understand, I would gladly assist them.
I have not implemented this functionality due to the lack of convention between all MuOnline webs.

Future expansions:

- To visualize the name of the item and its information in the Item column.
- To be able to add BAN to an account directly from the system.
- To be able to delete the item directly from the system.
If you have any extension ideas too, I'd love to hear them :)

It certainly works on 97d+99i and 99.60T (1.0M).
In the future I will also make compatibility with newer versions with 32 HEX items.
PHP 7.3

Put in the root directory of your web server.
Edit the database connection in the config.php file.
Open in the browser
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