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  1. Thrarion

    [Aion] Server with working geoengine looking for more testers before relaunch

    [Relaunch] Hivegamez AionTestserver with working GEOEngine and about 80% (content/mechanics) fixed in total ONLINE- steady development - free 2 play - online more then 1 year allready and developed since then - started on ragezoneWeb: https://aion.hivegamez.com/Discord post for...
  2. MATTYOne

    Aion 6.5 Emu [Aion Germany]

    There is no direct link to files Aion 6.5 Emu on the forumFor those who do not want to search for a long time in the repositories of Aion-GermanyDownload: Link (Google Drive - UPDATE!!!)Github Aion-Germany - Link (Current Aion 7.8)The emulator is assembled without problems. But there are...
  3. William Takuma

    How can i add collision to barrels from rifts?

    I just started with programming in emulators but a doubt arose, where can I find the ids of objects with collision to add to other objects, for example the barricades that have an id and a static_id that gives the collision and appearance Example: Barricades of Gelkmaros <!-- Barricade -->...
  4. Naru12

    GeoData?Error please help!

    Hello. GeoData Requesting HelpI used a translator because I couldn't learn English. I'm sorry!I also have all the Geodata files. NPC or Monster running in the sky is 99% fixed. But! I just can't figure it out. It penetrates why NPC and Monster do not recognize objects.Is there anything...
  5. mysticcro

    [Aion] Looking for partner 3.9

    Hey all, I am looking for someone to partner up with me and get Aion 3.9 going. Was a classic, and a lot of people enjoyed said classic times and days before it went downhill. I'd like to set up a server for this.Already some work is done, and renting server wouldn't be a problem, I'll cover...
  6. Jaguar00

    Tutorial Setup Aion Server Emulator (From (0) Install Java To Final)

    I will shere my video uncut for setup aion, i use emulator from ragezone u can download in forum ragezone all emulator basicly same about setup server emulator aionthis from 0 nothing install program java, all setup from zero to final
  7. R

    Aion 5.8 encom help

    1. Selling from inventory not working. When click on sell nothing happen items back to inventory.2. buffs like running scrolls disappear if i teleport somewhere. 3. Enchant works but kinah does not decrease.Can someone direct me to the server file that is used for that bugs or help to fix.