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  1. AaronzitoBr

    [BETA] Grand Fantasia Eternal - EXP x3 | Drop x2 | Sprite EXP x3 | Fame x2

    We are here to create the best experience possible for you, who love Grand Fantasia!SERVER RATES Experience x3 Gold x2 Item Drop x2 Sprite EXP x3 Fame x2Create your account at: https://gf.eternalfantasia.com/panel Discord Server: https://discord.gg/2zAgQzEAFZSERVER INFOS Location: Canada...
  2. ESOClassic

    [Ether Saga Odyssey] ESO Classic

    ESO Classic will be released in July!Here you will relive the golden age of Ether Saga Odyssey, with many possibilities for you to enjoy.Our server focused on the competitive. Battles for territories, conquering the Ether Castle, raid boss in the open world are some of the options that will...