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  1. Kuralsizvs

    Dungeon bug

    In solo dungeon missions, if you kill the next boss, the mission gets stuck because when the mission says kill the second boss, I find that I have killed him. No matter what I do, that boss does not spawn and I have to open and close the server. Is there an option or a timer for the dungeon...
  2. Kuralsizvs

    Trade brokerage Automatic goods sales.

    Yes, can we do this? Can we sell each item randomly or add our own items to the trade brokerage? They did this in the wow singleplayer project. Is this possible in Terada? If we can add Trade Brokerage item sales, can we add sql code or .xml files? You must be registered for see element. I...
  3. Kuralsizvs

    Can the characters' hitting distance be adjusted?

    How can I increase the hitting range of a mage or archer? For example, while I can hit an enemy at 5 meters, can I adjust the distance to hit an enemy at 10 meters?
  4. Kuralsizvs

    Your Reaper character's level 1

    This character starts with level 50. How can I start this character from level 1 like the others? I can make the level 50 spawn area a level 1 spawn area. Character You must be registered for see element. spawn area You must be registered for see element.
  5. Kuralsizvs

    Can I reduce the number of dungeon parties from 4 to 2? --solved

    My wife and I cannot form a party and enter the dungeon, when we say find party it just keeps us waiting. Does dungeon party number have to be 4? If so, how can I remove this? I want 2 people to enter.
  6. Kuralsizvs

    character adn Mount running fly speed....Heal mana increase

    Where can I increase the running speed, Health and Mana of characters? Where can I adjust the running and flying speed of our mount? What exactly should I change and where because it seems very complicated to me.
  7. Kuralsizvs

    Expendable currency awarded as dungeon rewards ? ---solved

    Where can I multiply the currency given as all dungeon rewards? You must be registered for see element.
  8. Kuralsizvs

    Changing the item upgrade leveling rate and...solved

    Where can I adjust the chance rates of the items printed + and how can I increase an item printed at +10 to +20?