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  1. Archgeus

    Simple Mail App

    Hi, Here's my little contribution to BDO, a simple app which serves a easy way to send items via mail, You must be registered for see element. Usage, 1. Open the app and go to DataBase tab, write your database credentials then click on Connect. If everything is correct you will see that the...
  2. Welcome to BDO RageZone!

    Welcome to BDO RageZone!

  3. MaxTheMiracle

    BDO Tutorial for make Single player BDO

    Hi there my friends, i would love to make a Single player out of BDo Server is this possible_? like ie my idea is put every drop with 100% drop rate, so you only need to make the quests for killing, and no grinding whatsoever, and what i would love to make, is obviusly a slower Slooooower urve...
  4. Gabriel Morte

    Request: BDO Client v2100.

    I'm creating this thread because all the links to BDO Client version v2100 that I could find are broken. Could someone please help me in finding BDO Client v2100? Perhaps someone has the appropriate link to the Client? I will immediately inform you that I am looking for a client for this...