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bless private server

  1. Layv

    [Bless Unleashed] Looking for a team.

    We're looking for more helpful hands for custom edits for client-server. We can offer fully protected machine, with SEA localization (SG), some useful QoL ideas for game (also welcoming new ideas), active administration for moderating community discord. Also fair share based on amount of...
  2. hexcode

    [Bless Unleashed]Bless Origins | x3 CUSTOM EXP| Europe | Long Term | GO 25.07.2023

    Bless Origins | x3 CUSTOM EXP| Europe | Long Term | GO 25.07.2023 You must be registered for see element. Bless Origins - The European Bless Unleashed Private Server Bless Origins is classic low rate (custom exp curve), long term, private server of the game Bless Unleashed. We started BO like...