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  1. manspw

    Convert CPS to ABF

    You must be registered for see element.You must be registered for see element. Is there any other way to merge the 2 cps file??? when i tried to place it in my Item and open my emulator and try the costume it crashed, is there any other way to merge the 2 cps file? Thankyou the your answersYou...
  2. R

    How can I connect a habbo client to a server [EMU DEV from scratch]

    Hello, I'm an experienced software engineer with plenty of years in the industry. I want to start habbo emu dev, and I want the full learning experience from 0. That means getting client files and connecting them to a server. To start receiving and decoding packets, I need to tell the client to...
  3. M

    First of all greeting to all. I have some questions that is related to experienced Private Server Owners & Developers.

    As I mentioned at the title I'd like to ask some questions to who's already had so many experiences here. Here's a Software Engineer. Worked at some complex projects and now owning my own company which is providing and generating BI related datas to customers. Wanted to mention this cuz I'm not...