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  1. L

    AI that isn't Natars?

    Dear Community, Is there a way to create a user and make them AI? For example in the latest release of the Shadows Travian Files you're able to generate AI Users en masse, you can pick their tribe and all that but the villages just get spawned and never move or build anything. I was wondering...
  2. Wxrk

    Launcher AQW(C#)

    Hi everyone, I'm sure you all know that Flash was discontinued from browsers in mid-2020. Today, in 2023, I'm trying to create a server for Adventure Quest Worlds, which is a game that was developed in Flash with AS3 (ActionScript 3.0). I recreated the server using the Armageddon Worlds files...
  3. V

    [DEV] OrionCMS - Arcturus Emulator

    You must be registered for see element. Dear members, Today I officially announce the development of OrionCMS. I've been developing it for a few months and finally came to show the progress, its characteristics, systems and technologies. The CMS was developed to be used with the Arcturus...
  4. versacebg

    Hi i'am looking for partners to development any games are welcome

    I want to try develop any kind of game make your suggestion and pm me i can offer good dedicated hosting and good development skills write me in discord to talk : nbd9999#7569
  5. Sail3

    Im interested in mu online servers

    Hello buddies i'm a very interested to learn how to made a mu online clients hooks and other thinks, maybe if someone have a muonline client without launcher i'll love it Blessings.
  6. Xcoding

    Any Pokefans still Here? (Development team setup?)

    Hello all, I have the latest pokemon fire/red files and solved alot of errors in it (even made the client 1920x1080) Battle wont crash servers/ no jezus bug / shops fixed etc Are there still people out there in this Legacy MMORPG development zone who are interested in helping? You must be...
  7. Thrarion

    [Aion] Server with working geoengine looking for more testers before relaunch

    You must be registered for see element. [Relaunch] Hivegamez Aion Testserver with working GEOEngine and about 80% (content/mechanics) fixed in total ONLINE - steady development - free 2 play - online more then 1 year allready and developed since then - started on ragezone Web: You must be...
  8. R

    How can I connect a habbo client to a server [EMU DEV from scratch]

    Hello, I'm an experienced software engineer with plenty of years in the industry. I want to start habbo emu dev, and I want the full learning experience from 0. That means getting client files and connecting them to a server. To start receiving and decoding packets, I need to tell the client to...
  9. G

    How can I edit the 'Gear Hide' costume?

    i want to edit my "gear hide" costume can someone teach me how can i do it ?