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  1. PwrDex

    [Release] Discord Bot for Cabal Online

    Hello Opened in new thread because this source need some community work. It was used on my customized server. It's not work for beginners without help. May i will reply 1-1 answer but mostly this made for inspiration only. Source: You must be registered for see element.
  2. PwrDex

    [Cabal Online] Discord Bot for Cabal Online Episode 8 (Source) 3.0

    ** NOT FOR BEGINNERS!!! ** This source is made by me, and with my poor coding knownledge in python. Features: - Registration - Vote - Rankings - Online player Numbers - Announcers (WAR, SFC) - Auto Role management. - GM Ip for Database. - Service forms. - Character Deletetion - Sub password...
  3. Artem-Alekseev

    Cabal Discord RPC

    There is nothing to say here, all instructions are on github You must be registered for see element. Do not write in the thank you thread, only really important information, such as suggestions for improvements or bugs
  4. Krejus

    VITMU.ONLINE Season-3 Episode-1 Dynamic Exp: 50-10x , Drop: 20

    You must be registered for see element. Info: Name: VITMU Version: Season 3 Episode 1 (Over time, we will add custom events, mobs and maps) Website : You must be registered for see element. Discord :You must be registered for see element. Registration: On the website + In the game...
  5. [GM]Badger

    [Release!]DragonBallOnline Generations is Back!!!

    Be There and Be Part of our Journey ABOUT DBO Generations: It all started on January 13th of 2010, with the official launch of the Korean version of Dragon Ball Online, a free-to-play MMORPG set in the universe of the Dragon Ball manga, written by Akira Toriyama. The game was developed in...
  6. WeedLikeToSmoke

    Hiring for multiple positions!

    I'm Looking for a bunch of people to work with, If you're interested in anything below, message me! There currently isn't any pay for these positions but i already make some sales, i get free stuff alot of the time like nitro and perks i can give to staff. Why do i need so many staff?, There's...
  7. MentaL

    What do you think about Discord?

    What do you think about Discord?