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  1. Knaught

    Im having a problem on applying this modification on my v15 files neuz application buttons

    i cant exactly know what i need to modify in here cause some of the code has additional line of codes that has exact name in my v15 files (ketchup files) thread: https://forum.ragezone.com/threads/neuz-application-buttons.887157/
  2. I

    InsanityFlyFF v3 is upon us

    Register Download DiscordInsanity MMORPG is the oldest and biggest FlyFF private server out there! We care about our community and we do our best to provide the best experience for them. Below you will find information on a few of our features, take a look and join us now![Online for over...
  3. MooKBang

    (V16 MAP SYSTEM)

    Hello. I need a help about adding v16 map system. Unfortunately, the guide was gone. I tried to open this files in v15 clean source the WndMapEx.cpp/h and ContinentDef.h and MapComboBoxData.h/cpp. I used the v15 resdata's inc.,h. and txt but I edited and maked it sure was all defined on it. I...
  4. AaronzitoBr

    [BETA] Grand Fantasia Eternal - EXP x3 | Drop x2 | Sprite EXP x3 | Fame x2

    We are here to create the best experience possible for you, who love Grand Fantasia!SERVER RATES Experience x3 Gold x2 Item Drop x2 Sprite EXP x3 Fame x2Create your account at: https://gf.eternalfantasia.com/panel Discord Server: https://discord.gg/2zAgQzEAFZSERVER INFOS Location: Canada...