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hd client

  1. Teylusu

    [HELP] CMS79 or GMSv83 Client Edit Tooltip fix

    there is some problem of my client need help please!!!šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ First off ļ¼Œ now I want to Hide this dialog?panelļ¼Ÿ You must be registered for see element. And secondly those tooltip pos is incorrect, how to fix its to correct?You must be registered for see element.You must be registered for see...
  2. _Ro

    [Release][v83] Major update to Ezorsia v2: the HD client patch is now a standalone HD dll client/localhost!

    EDIT: so i've notice some ppl dunno what this is. to clarify: this is a cr@ck that turns the default .exe (from NXXXON) into a HD client/localhost useable for singleplayer or with any server. it still works for it's original design of turning any previously released localhost into HD as well...