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  1. a19901106


  2. Nexon EX


    Hi guys, I'm a 23 old nice to meet you all
  3. rafvdloka

    Hello, I'm from Brazil, I have a translation question in TERA.

    My name is Rafael, I'm from Brazil, I'm new here, I really liked the community but I'm still a little lost here. I would like to know if it is possible to translate TERA texts (skills, quest, among others) into Brazilian Portuguese in version 100.02?
  4. bryanfrank99

    Hello RaGEZONE

    I am a very enthusiastic person when it comes to game servers, I am always looking for and trying new ones. When I like something I always try to make it as good as possible and to the liking of my fellow juicers. Thank you for accepting me in this great place.
  5. K

    hello I'm ignorant, but I want to know.

    I can't speak English, so I use a translator, but thank you
  6. Irkutsk86

    Hello! Hello everyone 13

    hi everyone, I joined because I'm interested in dayz
  7. shinushiteru

    Hello! Greetings from the developer community

    hello dev community!