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  1. TheBello

    Join Our Team: Seeking Passionate Developers for Kubbo Hotel

    Looking for a Team of Devs or a Lone Wolf to be the Face of greatness for my community. I have a big community of 100+ users that would love to enjoy the best of the features you have to offer with your skills and knowledge on the Habbo Development scene. the community is South America based...
  2. TheBello

    Looking for a Bored Habbo Experienced <DEV>

    Looking for a Bored Habbo Experienced <DEV> $100 USD monthly Be able to Edit/Update/Improve Emulator, Nitro and CMS Must be able to know how to work with Headers incoming/outgoing Plugins wireds Must have a Portfolio. Discord: thebello šŸš€
  3. WeedLikeToSmoke

    Hiring for multiple positions!

    I'm Looking for a bunch of people to work with, If you're interested in anything below, message me! There currently isn't any pay for these positions but i already make some sales, i get free stuff alot of the time like nitro and perks i can give to staff. Why do i need so many staff?, There's...
  4. R

    Hiring staff for Frank Hotel

    Hi there, We're currently seeking staff members to help us launch and manage the Frank server, a retro for Habbo enthusiasts. Our hotel is undergoing updates and isn't yet visible to the public, but we're looking for passionate and experienced individuals to join our team and help us bring our...