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  1. WoozyFoozy

    [Question] Random Value

    Good day fellow devs. I have added new random value which is additional attack speed, everything seems fine and working but the value didnt seems to add up to current attack speed. any tips where might be the problem? Affected files are UIItemInfoLoader.cpp Item.cpp and header file...
  2. WoozyFoozy

    Wrong Thread

    GLogicData.cpp Find: bool bMONEY_DROP2FIELD = true; Add Below /*disable gold deposit in locker, Jeey-, 2023/5/6 */ // Note : ----------------------------------------------------------------±â´É ¼³Á¤. bool bENABLE_DEPOSIT2LOCKER = true; // µ· ¹Ù´Ú¿¡ ¹ö¸®±â °¡´É ¿©ºÎ...
  3. WoozyFoozy

    Item Upgrade Visibility in Item Inventory with Colors

    ItemSlot.cpp Find: SetNumber Add Below void CItemSlot::SetNumber2 ( int nIndex, int nNumber ) { CString strNumber; strNumber.Format ( "+%d", nNumber ); DWORD dwColor = NS_UITEXTCOLOR::WHITE; /*adding colors base on item upgrade, Jeey-, 5/26/2023 */ switch(nNumber) {...