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  1. weedeej

    [SHARE] Toggle Locker Features (Juver Source)

    My very first share and my 2nd attempt on implementing my own features. What does it do: Allows you to turn locker features on/off from config.ini (or where your [GAME_FEATURE] at). If you can code it better, Please tell me how to. External Link: You must be registered for see element. Also...
  2. WoozyFoozy

    Disable Gold Locker Deposit

    GLogicData.cpp Find: bool bMONEY_DROP2FIELD = true; Add Below /*disable gold deposit in locker, Jeey-, 2023/5/6 */ // Note : ----------------------------------------------------------------±â´É ¼³Á¤. bool bENABLE_DEPOSIT2LOCKER = true; // µ· ¹Ù´Ú¿¡ ¹ö¸®±â °¡´É ¿©ºÎ. GLogicData.h Find: extern...