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  1. watt

    MuPhoenix | 0.97d+99i | Old school | For long term community

    MuPhoenix Exp: 180x Drop: 70x Sky event: ON Lucky Jewel: ON Lucky Mixes: ON LVL: 350 RESET: 8 Set +11 +28 POINTS Soul Master: 8195 Muse Elf: 8196 Blade Knight: 8197 Magic Gladiator: 10896 Market on the website Drop Phoenix points to buy items on the market or sell your items; Earn Phoenix...
  2. luuupe2014

    2006SCAPE FIRST 3 TO MAX WINS 100$

    2006SCAPE CLIENT(other javas): You must be registered for see element. (Youll need to input: wilddreamspkz.hopto.org where it says 2006SCAPE CLIENT(Need Up To Date Java21): You must be registered for see element. our ip is: wilddreamspkz.hopto.org port: 43594 if you have your own...