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  1. arwekaj09


    Q: What is scriptwidget.wsf? A: A set of lua scripts that is compiled and encrypted into 1 file. 1. Build this tool TextureTool.exe, check your RAN GS Source You must be registered for see element. 2. Copy and paste the compiled TextureTool in your Ran GS Client folder, or any location as...
  2. S

    [Release] - OneForAll luascripts folder with all comments translated to English

    Not sure anyone else will find this helpful, but I have. A friend and I have been toying with a pserver for just us and changing things. It is much easier to read the lua files or find the appropriate ones if the comments are readable. I did not remove chinese comments, only appended the english...
  3. YukiFox

    Luascript run help

    Greetings everyone. I'm wondering if there's a way to initiate server luascripts using chat or macros, without having GM rights. I know that any script can be run using "/gm ? runplot/pcall", but is there a way to run such scripts without GM? I've tried to find in the source code of the...