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  1. Thunderbro

    [Mabinogi][NA] Auranogi | Generation 4 | Exp x2 | Gold Drops x 2 | AP x2 | Skill Training x2 | 1 Week Rebirth | Custom Drop Rates | Custom Content

    You must be registered for see element. Auranogi is a Mabinogi private server running on a custom server emulator. We use a modern G25 client, with content up to and including G4 (Iria - Rano) with many other contents and QoL from later versions. Rather than stick to a single game version...
  2. KatoOhashi

    [request]looking for for Mabinogi G21 or greater server + client files

    if anyone has the stuff id need to make a working client+server enviroment with mabinogi g21 or greater version'ed server itwould be of great help since i wanted to make a few custom tails and mods for other people to use i have worked on the old g20s2 release but i was wanting to work with the...