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  1. T

    Does anyone know how to get an avatar URL?

    hello. You must be registered for see element. has a certain pattern of image addresses for the characters, and it seems to be possible to figure out the item codes. I don't know anything about cryptography, but I'm looking for a pattern of avatar URLs for ranked characters. As for the...
  2. 1PKRyan

    Official v8 BMS Server Files 8

    I have extracted and re-zipped the archive to remove the password. Due to the upload file size limit i couldn't add the client installer to this archive, even by attaching multiple files split into smaller sizes; get it from the thread linked below. You must be registered for see element.
  3. iamlegend3321

    LF> Developer for maplestory private server!

    Looking for a developer for my maplestory private server. Making a KMS v316 Need to fix some npcs and shops. Please contact me here or Discord: sojuwolftv
  4. W

    Maplestory v117 hp/mp issue help

    Using maplecrystal as a base, there is an issue when calculating hp/mp. Any hp/mp % is added and shown on the bars, but the max hp/mp in unreachable. Skills, equips, and potentials (fixed cubing) have the same effect on the hp/mp bars.. Can anyone at least tell me what file to be looking in or...
  5. J

    Web Based Maple Story

    So I saw the project that johncintron made which is a beautiful basic start for a web client. I did 2 weeks of pure programming to continue it, to maybe achieve my dream of playing it everywhere (and mostly on iPhone) Would someone be interested in continuing my project? I did used johncintron...
  6. yeanlond

    Help with file server v2.14 & OpcodesWZ 

    Can someone explain to me what tools I should use to make an IDB for version 2.14, I am analyzing this version to extract the opcodes, I have some knowledge with IDA, OllyDBG among others but I still can't do it, if anyone has information on versions higher than the tutorials for version 176, I...
  7. _Ro

    [Release][v83] Major update to Ezorsia v2: the HD client patch is now a standalone HD dll client/localhost!

    EDIT: so i've notice some ppl dunno what this is. to clarify: this is a cr@ck that turns the default .exe (from NXXXON) into a HD client/localhost useable for singleplayer or with any server. it still works for it's original design of turning any previously released localhost into HD as well...
  8. R

    Client Editing - What am I missing?

    Hello, I'm struggling to get my head around client editing and was hoping someone could point out the current flaw in my thinking/approach. I'm writing this question out as I run through the process again and detailing my steps in case doing so shows me the light. I'm not asking for the full...
  9. EvadedSleep

    LF>Fulfilled. Thank you!

    Thank you All!
  10. ColaMint

    Can someone share the package for v209.2, please?

    You must be registered for see element. I need to convert .wz of GMS v209.2 to .nx. Can someone share the package for v209.2, please?
  11. ColaMint

    is it possible to play old maplestory(079/083/...) on mac apple silicon?

    Can someone who has succeeded share their experience, please?
  12. ninjastorm

    How to import face and hairs from v117 to v83 for dummiesWZ 

    Requirements: v117 MapleStory, your v83 WZ files with your localhost, harepacker for wz editing, and ollydbg. First things first. wz editing Go to harepacker and open up your character.wz from your v83 folder. (make sure it's open it as GMS old) Next, click the plus button on hairs and delete...