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mu server

  1. awer91

    GameTech S9 [x10] Opened 15 jan 2024, based on Savage MU build

    Hello RageZone Community. I am glad to introduce you our new MU Online server based on custom IGCN sources provided by Ley Lei . This build was used to host the Savage Mu Online for about 4 years. It is stable, well configured and pretty unique. Unfortunately Savage MU server has been closed...
  2. P

    MU Online server files

    Hello dear all, It was since a While when I was last time here (more than 7 years). I would like to find - if it is possible, old season 2 and season 3 Ep 2 server files that can be imported in SQL 2015 or SQL 2019. It is okay if you have files with "Summoner" added or "Rage fighter" in them...