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  1. V

    MuEmu S12 (IGCN) hook main.exe for antihack

    Hey can someone say how i can correctly hook .dll to main.exe for MuEmu S12 files ? When i Hook it with CFF explorer after launching main.exe it dont opening. I try to Hook PS sistems antihack and MHP antihack in main.exe. Have some solution about it ? Thanks
  2. lojzzty

    New-Dawn MU | Season 9 | x500 | x35 | Powered by MuEMU

    Welcome! I Invite you to join my server for the new adventure! You must be registered for see element. This server is set for players who want to play MU Online, not Idle farm or PayPal to win, of course you can get yourself an VIP but FO items? FORGET IT Server Settings: Miscellanous EXP...